Best Mexican Candy Shot Recipe

The Mexican Candy Shot is a cool little drink that’s got a mix of sweet and spicy. It’s made with tequila and a watermelon-flavored liquor, with a dash of hot sauce for a little kick. To make it even more fun, the rim of the glass is dipped in chili salt, so you get a tangy taste before the shot. It’s a hit at parties and a great way to spice things up!

Here, you will learn about this recipe, what it is, and how to make it at home with simple ingredients.

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Mexican Candy Shot Recipe

Why This Recipe Stands Out

  • Simplicity: Crafting this shot is a breeze. All you need is a cocktail shaker and a few ingredients, and you’re good to go.
  • Flavor Fusion: The sweet and spicy combination is irresistible, offering a taste adventure in every sip.
  • Party Perfect: Whether it’s a Cinco de Mayo bash or a casual get-together with friends, this shot is a fantastic addition to your party menu.

How to Make Mexican Candy Shot Recipe?

The Mexican Candy Shot, also known as a Paleta Shot, draws inspiration from a popular Mexican lollipop. This lollipop is watermelon-flavoured and coated in chilli powder, creating a sweet and spicy treat. The shot mimics these flavors with the added kick of tequila.


  • Tajín Seasoning: A Mexican spice blend combining chili spice and citrus, perfect for rimming your shot glasses.
  • Watermelon Schnapps: Watermelon Pucker is a popular choice, readily available at liquor stores.
  • Blanco Tequila: Choose your favorite brand; the shot works well with any good Blanco tequila.
  • Hot Sauce: Opt for a straightforward hot sauce like Tabasco, avoiding heavily flavored varieties.

Creative Twists and Variations

  • Make it a Cocktail: Increase the ingredient quantities and serve it shaken over ice for a refreshing cocktail.
  • Rim Variations: Feel free to experiment with different rim seasonings, such as sugar or salt.
  • Mezcal for a Smoky Touch: Swap out the tequila for mezcal if you’re in the mood for a smokier flavor.

Crafting the Perfect Mexican Candy Shot

  1. Prepare the Glass: Rim your shot glass with Tajín for extra flavor.
  2. Combine the Ingredients: In a cocktail shaker, mix the watermelon schnapps, tequila, and hot sauce with ice.
  3. Shake and Serve: Give it a good shake until it’s ice-cold, then strain the mixture into your prepared shot glass.

Nutritional Information

Each serving of the Mexican Candy Shot contains approximately 107 calories, with a small amount of carbohydrates and negligible amounts of fat and protein. This is an estimate, and actual nutritional content may vary.

Enjoy your Candy Shot and embrace this unique drink’s sweet and spicy magic!

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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Absolutely! Just multiply the ingredients as needed.

Yes, you can quickly transform this shot into a delightful cocktail.

Stick to straightforward hot sauces, avoiding flavored varieties.

Mexican candy is often sweet, spicy, and sour, featuring flavors like tamarind, chili, lime, mango, and chocolate.

Mix 1 oz tequila and 1 oz watermelon schnapps, and dash hot sauce—rim the glass with chili powder. Serve chilled. Enjoy responsibly!


You have learned this shot is for any festive occasion. Its simple tequila recipe, watermelon schnapps, and a dash of hot sauce make it easy to make and enjoy. The chili lime salt rim adds the perfect zesty touch to this vibrant shot. Whether you’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo or just enjoying a night with friends, the Mexican Candy Shooter is a fun and flavorful choice that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser. So go ahead, try it, and let the good times roll!

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